Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Do you believe in Fairy Tales...

Mary's News...

We're just two days away from the release of Fairy Tales from
Whiskey Creek Press...

Check out a sneak peek of the story...
'Maggie Monroe might not believe in all that fairy tale stuff, but meeting Jackson Riley certainly made her a believer in love (okay—so maybe it was lust), at first sight. Unfortunately that little reality check hit her like a ton of bricks and had just the opposite effect on Maggie than it would any other red-blooded twenty-five year old woman. Everything that she believed she wanted in life—all of her well thought out future plans—were in some serious jeopardy right about now. Jackson Riley had to be just about the hottest thing around and Maggie, well she was in way over her head with him.
The problem? Well it was clear to Jackson Riley what the problem was. It was five foot two, blond hair, green eyes with the biggest ‘get lost’ attitude he’d ever run across—Maggie Monroe. The solution? What usually worked with most women that got under his skin? Normally, the second they opened their mouths, he lost interest. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working with Maggie Monroe. Everything Jackson found out about her only made him that much more interested in her and spelled nothing but trouble for his weekly schedule of dating Austin’s most beautiful women. For the chance to get to know the real Maggie Monroe beyond her tough girl act, Jackson was willing to give up more than just one night a week. Maggie could have all seven if she liked.'


In honor of the release of Fairy Tales, I have another giveaway taking place on my website: http://www.maryeason.bravehost.com/.
I'll be giving away a paperback copy of the book to one lucky winner for November.
Here's how to enter...
Here's how to enter: Just send me an email with November Contest Giveaway in the Subject Line and you are automatically entered in the contest. Here's my email: http://webmailb.netzero.net/webmail/new/8?folder=Sent&msgNum=0000MEW0:0017BrNp000014hm&block=1&msgNature=all&msgStatus=all&count=1194359972&content=central#.
I'll announce the winner at the end of November.

And coming November 20th to Samhain Publishing:
The Things You Think You Want....

'Carrie Sinclair thought she knew exactly what she wanted from life until she came face-to-face with the bluest eyes in Texas.'

You can find me guest blogging on November 9th at:
Also, catch me guest blogging on November 12 at:
And come join the fun at Samhain Cafe on November 19th where I'll be chatting with some of my fellow Chick Lit authors from Samhain. We'll be discussing our latest releases and giving stuff away
In celebration of the holiday season, I'm planning a huge bash over on my yahoo site, so stay tuned for further details there:

Other news....
Don't Close Your Eyes continues to get great reviews:
Romantic Times Book Reviews give Don't Close Your Eyes Four Stars!
Alisha with TwoLipsReviews: Gives Don't Close Your Eyes Five Lips and has selected the book as her OCTOBER REVIEWER'S CHOICE AT TWOLIPS!
'Mary Eason has created the perfect book to keep the reader on the edge of the seat while searching for clues on the killer. Don't Close Your Eyes does not focus overtly on the sex, but I never missed it as I was so involved in the search for this evil human. The author sucked me in to her story and I felt as if I was really there and witnessed it all. This book is quite enjoyable and one that readers do not want to miss. I can hardly wait to see how Ms. Eason tops this! '

'Intensely emotional, fast-paced, taut suspense...a great read that will keep you turning the pages!'

Rita Herron (Don't Say A Word, HQN)

Don't Close Your Eyes receives a Four Coffee Cup Review from Krista at CoffeeTime Romance:
'Ms. Eason tells a scary story full of twists and turns. I was completely surprised at who the real Angel of Death turned out to be. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and can make you a little jumpy. I am impressed at the realistic portrayal of the police force as well as the events that occur. '
Don't Close Your Eyes receives its first review from The Romance Studio:
'Megan’s connections to his thoughts are disturbing and compelling. Author Eason gives just enough clues to help the reader suspect the truth. This is a very satisfying tale of suspense. '
Overall rating: Reviewer: Lynn Bushey

Don't Close Your Eyes Available now at: Cerridwen Press...

All the best,Mary Eason www.maryeason.bravehost.com - Romance, Passion, and Suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end

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