Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Winning Story of this year's Creepy Halloween Bash is Jaycee.

Jaycee, I'll be dropping you an email as well, but please select one of the prizes pictured on my October 29 blog entry. Thanks to everyone for playing and please check in from time to time both here and on my website. I'm always giving something away.

Here's Jaycee's winning entry:

Jaycee said...
OK mine is wacky. Back in my hometown there was a Haunted house at a local realty office. My friends mom worked there so my Junior year a bunch of us decided to volunteer. All girls mind you. So what our job was, was to lead groups of say 8-10 people thru the tour, into diffrent rooms of the office that were all decorated. One had the ole bowls full of "worms""Brain" etc. and so on. Another room had a full size faux coffin and a "vampire" jumped out as we cracked the door and would grab us tour guides by the arm to "scare us" and drag us into the room, the tourers were outside so they only saw about half the room which was actually the break room since there were vending machines etc on the other half of the room,then we would slam the top back down, all the people working in the actual rooms were done up in Make up by a pro so they were unrecognizable totally. And us tour guides were in little costumes witches etc nothing make up wise so we would not scare the littler kids that went thru (they went to a seprate part of the house). So I am on my 6 or 7th tour and they have us take the groups around in reveser dirrection so that all the "monsters" can have a pee break etc and change shifts whatever. So I get my 1st group after the break to the vampire room open the door a crack an the vampire grabs my boob and trys to kiss me! I just reacted and punched him in the face. I hear "Ouch Jaycee it's me f*ck" I am dumbfounded an my friend hearing the comotion comes an takes my tour with hers on laughing, I turn the main light to the room on and low an behold it is Josh (then BF now hubby LOL) he had gotten out of work early and come to volunteer to see me as a surprise! I felt so bad gave him a black eye, so each year at Halloween he reminds me of this over and over to get the 'ween nooky LOL

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