Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Playground Party - August 4th

  • You like nice you get positively giddy when your name is selected for something free? Then do we have a deal for you...
  • The FANTASY Playground Yahoo Group hosted by bestselling authors Nicole Austin & TK Winters'will be giving away some fantastic prizes on Aug. 4th
  • Check it out:
  • ARC of Samhain Publishing release entitled Thirty Lessons by Mary Eason
  • Print copy of For Her Pleasure (Berkley, releases 9/07) from Maya Banks (You'll have to wait a month for this one, but I don't think anyone's gonna mind) A
  • RC of Brazen by Maya Banks
  • Margarita Day ARC from TK & Nic Rakahnja's
  • Haven ARC from Nic
  • Calendar of Playground author's books covers
  • Print copy Tapestry Dream by NJ Walters
  • A set of the 2007 EC-RT cards (one cowboy pack and one Moulin Rouge pack) from NJ Walters Orgasm Keychain from Jodi Olson
  • Only Human download from Charlene Teglia
  • A download from Annmarie McKenna
  • Lost but not Forgotten download from Mackenzie McKade
  • Signed print copy of Savannah's Vision from Nic
  • And a few other surprize prizes Signing up for
  • Participating in the Round Robin (sign-up in database) will enter your for a great prize. You don't have to be a great writer, just add a paragraph or two to the story for fun. Mark your calendars now. You won't want to miss this party!

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