Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 5: Stalking a killer...

Edgewater Beach never looked more uninviting than it did that night. At three a.m. the waters were restless.
Even before they reached the beach, Jack knew Megan’s sensed something.
She stopped a few feet behind him and closed her eyes.
“Jack, she’s here. She’s still alive.”
He glanced around, confronted by pitch darkness. The clouds had returned obscuring the moon. There weren’t any street lights out here. Jack left the car’s engine running and turned the headlights on high beam.
“There’s at least a dozen sheds, Megan. Can you make out one in particular?”
“No, we’ll have to split up.” For a moment, Jack hesitated. He didn’t want to let her out of his sight.
“Its okay, I can take care of myself. Jack, we don’t have a choice.” When he still didn’t say anything, she added, “Jack, we’re running out of time. She’s hurt.”
“All right but for God’s sake, Megan, please be careful.”
The first three sheds proved to be a dead end. They held nothing out of the ordinary, just a few gardening tools. But of course, they wouldn’t have chosen them. They were close to the road. Too obvious.
Jack and Megan split up, fanning out in different directions but he made sure he could see her flashlight at all times. The last shed appeared to be the largest of all. His light caught the glint of something metal attached to the door.
A lock.
“Megan, over here! I think I have something.” Jack called out as he stepped closer. The lock looked similar to the one used on the cellar door at Joy’s murder scene.
“She’s in there. She’s still alive. I can feel her.”

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