Friday, June 08, 2012

Latest Killer Moves Review

Bottom line: Edge of the seat thrills and chills with stunning clarity and deep sensual heartfelt emotion. Grab yourself a copy of this highly recommended book - KILLER MOVES.

Marilyn with CK2S Kwips and Kritiques gives Killer Moves Four Clovers!

*** In a word – fantastic! Author Eason has become a go-to author when looking for hot, sizzling romance and edge-of-the-seat suspense. Her characters are fleshed out with detail and emotion, where the reader can actually feel the pent-up emotions of fear, longing, despair and heartache.

Kara had a gift – only she didn’t think of it in those terms – for it brought enormous pain. Her psychic visions were generally nightmares of seeing and feeling pain and death of the victims, but never quite seeing the villain – especially in the case of the Angel of Death. It seemed like the AOD had a psychic gift which was even stronger than Kara. Fact was, the author revealed how Kara had never felt the villain they apprehended and killed six years before was the Angel of Death. She knew now he wasn’t dead because Kara was now beginning to feel him all over again. Delving deeper into KILLER MOVES the author brings out aspects that backed up Kara’s theory and why running to hide in the middle of nowhere in the desert seemed to be her best option.

Men being men, Davis himself hadn’t a clue of the harm he’d done when dumping Kara. Only that he knew he’d handled it all wrong – and in six years time he hadn’t tried to make it right! This reader really wanted to give him a sound ‘whack’ but, he did come around eventually to save the day. One other thing about KILLER MOVES is that I love a twist ending and this turned into a pretty good surprise.

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