Thursday, June 21, 2012

Available now - The Up Side Of Down!

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The Up Side Of Down:

Laney Winters is living the life she thought she’d always wanted—perfect home, wealthy husband and a successful, if somewhat mediocre, romance writing career. At forty-one, Laney discovers she’s expecting her first child and can’t wait to rush home and surprise her husband with the great news. Her husband, Tom, has a surprise of his own waiting for her. She walks in on him with his much younger secretary. He wants a divorce and wants Laney out of his house. Having signed a prenuptial agreement, she has little choice other than her oft-imagined revenge scenarios.

Coming to the realization murder isn’t the answer, Laney leaves her shattered big city life and returns to the small town she grew up in and the two elderly, eccentric aunts who raised her. Sometimes life throws you a curve and forces you to make life-altering decisions. Wanting a place to hide and lick her wounds, the one thing Laney doesn’t want is to fall in love again. But life is full of surprises, the bad and the good.

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