Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Killer Moves Excerpt

Buster growled once more, drawing her attention back to the black SUV. Kara was tempted to send him charging after them. Fiercely protective of her and Ava, Buster lived for the hunt.

"It’s okay, boy. I’ll get rid of them for you." Slowly Kara covered the remaining distance to the Suburban that had now stopped in front of her house.

A few yards away from the SUV, she settled into walking again. Kara reached the vehicle just as two men dressed in black suits emerged from out of it. Jeez, could they be more obvious?

Both men glanced up at the house. They weren’t aware of her yet.

"Can I help you?" Startled, they turned quickly around at the sound of her voice, weapons drawn. Even though they were wearing sunglasses, probably Bureau issued, she sensed their uneasiness. They looked hot and tired. Kara smiled. The desert heat had that effect on outsiders.

She recognized the taller of the two right away. Ryan Anderson. She’d worked side by side with him on the Angel case. Ryan and Davis Martin had been best friends since their academy days at Quantico.

"Hello, Kara." Ryan smiled beneath his Bureau-issued sunglasses, which prevented her from seeing his eyes. Not that it mattered. She knew Ryan wouldn’t be happy to see her again, no matter how much he might be smiling.

The other agent, a rookie, appeared shocked by his partner’s recognition. His curious gaze moved from Ryan to Kara.

"You’re wasting your time here, Ryan." Some of his practiced Bureau tactics slipped a little with her answer, but for the moment Ryan chose to ignore Kara’s rudeness entirely.

"Kara, this is my partner, Agent Sean Griffin. Sean, this is the legendary Kara Bryant." Ryan’s expression revealed little but she recognized his sarcasm all too well. Apparently, his partner did not.

Product Warnings

Contains one smokin’ hot FBI agent, a strong-willed psychic heroine who can more than give him a run for his money, and one nasty killer who will keep you up way into the night.

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