Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost Home - Available today at Desert Breeze Publishing

Kellie Masterson is almost home. But will she find the love she longs for or the broken past she left behind.

Less than a year earlier, Kellie Masterson’s life was perfect. Then she discovered the ugly truth. Her marriage to Davis Jackson had been built on a myth. When Kellie prayed without seemingly having answers, the only thing left for her to do was put distance between herself and Davis.

Now, with nowhere else to turn, Kellie returns to Jackson, Texas only to discover, Davis hasn’t moved with his life as she suspected. And he never signed the divorce papers she believed he couldn’t wait to get. On top of all this, Davis doesn’t seem the same person he was before. The rough edges of his personality are gone.

Soon, Kellie learns that Davis had a fateful car accident six months earlier that made him question everything about himself and his drinking. Coming close to death changed him. But Kellie isn’t ready to trust him completely just yet. She needs time. She moves into her grandmother’s old house close by and finds a job. Soon she and Davis are attending the same church they were married in together. They’re becoming friends again. But Kellie doesn’t know how to tell him she has secrets of her own.

Almost Home - Available now at Desert Breeze Publishing.
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Mary Eason

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