Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shadow Games gets 5 Heart Review from TRS!

I'm pleased to announce Shadow Games, my romantic suspense novel that was recently released through Champagne Books has received a 5 heart review from The Romance Studio.

Rachel Weiss, Assistant to the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, receives a strange text message. "Do you know where Booth Tanner is?" She is no longer a spy for the CIA, but cannot put aside her concern for the man she loves. She and Booth, also CIA, had been lovers and when she became pregnant, Rachel quit the agency and obtained her current job. When she learns that Booth is missing, she cannot help but become involved, even to the point of going to look for him. She obtains the Ambassador's help and, using an alias, travels to the area where Booth had been searching for the second-in-command to Bin Laden. Rachel, kidnapped while meeting a contact, must find a way to free herself. This is not an easy task when more than one group is searching for her –- and she has no idea which ones are on her side.

This is a page turner that leads us into the most dangerous part of the world, that of Al Qaeda, The author presents well-drawn characters, from the desperate protagonist to the most evil terrorist. We constantly wonder which of the men seeking Rachel have her best interests in mind. The author plants seeds of doubt that makes us realize someone, other than the terrorists plans on ending Rachel's life. I sweat with her in the desert heat, froze in the frigid desert night, and worried with her in captivity. When she escapes, and they take her a second time, we wonder how on earth she is going to get out of it this time. The writer presents the hero, Booth, in a very unusual, but satisfying way. This book is exciting, well-crafted, and held my interest all the way through to the exciting end.

I will anxiously await the next book by this author. She is a truly gifted writer.

Reviewer: Jaye Leyel

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