Saturday, August 28, 2010

Please welcome, Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow to my blog today!

Mandy and Michelle, thanks so much for joining us today. I know I'm excited to have you both here and I know our readers will be interested to learn more about your writing.

So, let's get started!

M&M Makin’ the Rounds

Big thanks to Mary Eason for letting us come here and play today! We’ll get started with our first Q&A.

The Story of Us?

Q: What do you think helped to mold your writing style and genre preferences?

Michelle: It’s hard to say. I read a lot of classics growing up--Austen, Steinbeck, Wilde, ect--before transitioning into historical romances in the 1990s. I think my love for history, as well as for a happily ever after determined where my writing started. But, since I’ve become a full time writer, my tastes have changed. I write paranormal, futuristic, contemporaries, fantasy, ect. I love switching up the genres and playing with style. I write in different heat levels from the sweet to the erotic. Also, writing for the magazine lets me experience a more journalistic type style as compared to fiction.

Mandy: Oh, this is an easy one. I. Am. A. Total. Freak. There. It is now official and out in the world. Yep. You heard it here first. I’m a freak. Always have been and always will be. I like all things weird and quirky. I find humor in places most wouldn’t think to look and I’m not one to shy away or back down from confirmation. I wasn’t finding that in the books I was reading and decided it was time to bring some of my personal flavor to the world of writing. So far, it’s been going all right for me. *wink, wink*

I will say that I had an interesting childhood. It was unique and at times a bit unorthodox. It expanded my horizons and gave me a bigger outlook on life and everything around me. Also made for nice fodder for books. 

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Mandy M Roth

Michelle M Pillow

Thanks for letting us hang here, Mary! Everyone, remember that to be entered in the contest at the end of the tour, you need to comment on the posts. You can enter as much as you like. 

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Michelle M. Pillow said...

Thank you for having us, Mary! :)

Hope Sheppard said...

Mandy! I didn't think we could be anymore alike, but you did it again. I am always writing movie scripts and books trying to get the one I want. I never quite finish them but they are there when I have time. The one thing I always tell my husband is the reason I write is because I never get to read the stories or see the movies that are in my dreams they are so much more colorful. Of coarse when I read Michelle, Shiloh walker, sherrilyn kenyon, or your books I just go ahhh I am satified:-) There are many more authors but I just can't name them all. Love your books and your attitude on life both of you!!

Cathy M said...

Hi Mandy and Michelle,

Enjoying all the posts and love getting a chance to know you both better. You bring your uniqueness to the stories you write, and I remain a big fan.

Michelle M. Pillow said...

Thank you Hope! Mandy's WIP list cracks me up. I won't even ask how many she's got in there, but I do beg her for books all the time.

Cathy- thanks for playing along on the tour!!! :)

If anyone has questions for us, feel free to ask! :)

devon said...

Hi Michelle and Mandy,
I can see why I enjoy reading your books so much, your personalities just shine through. It's fun learning more about you both on this blog tour - I keep wondering what you will say next.

Michelle Marquis said...

Hi Michelle and Mandy
What a great idea the blog tour is! It's kind of like a party on the road. It's also fun getting to know you both.

Anonymous said...

Hm....I posted this morning, but it doesn't seem to have shown up.

Michelle, I read a lot of the classics too and I can't seem to get enough of them.

Mandy, your writing style is very unique and it's a joy to read. :D

Michelle M. Pillow said...

Hi everyone! We're so glad you're enjoying the tour!! :) If you couldn't tell, Mandy and I goof around quite a bit, lol. And I swear we're the queens of digressing.

Hope Sheppard said...

Ya my WIP list is just that. It may never transpire but some times I will be writing and decide I get bored with what is happening and I will read instead. I never get bored with my fave author books:-)


I reads the classic growing up because that is all my Mother would let me. I reading things that she didn't know about when wasn't around.

Michelle M. Pillow said...

LOL Loretta -- I used to take my mom's romance novels. (when I was older of course)

Hope -- I like to tease Mandy that she'll finish 1000 books in one day sometime just by going through her WIPs

Mandy M Roth said...

Hope--LOL. I'm starting to think I have a long lost sister in you. LOL

Cathy--thank you!

Devon--*snort* Do you picture Michelle running behind me on this tour, trying to sensor my responses?

Loretta--that's awesome that you were exposed to those as a child though!

Becca--Aww, thank you!

Michelle M. Pillow said...

Hey! How did you get through without me pushing approve on your post??? Man, you broke through the Mandywall I put on your computer again, didn't you. *snickers*

Mandy M Roth said...

It took some hacking but I managed. LOL

Michelle M. Pillow said...

ATTN: Because of a technical glitch, the next stop on the blog tour is:

Beth said...

Love hearing about you guys. these posts are not only informative but fun to read.