Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your Invited To A Release Party Tomorrow!!!

Please join me and many other of my fellow authors for fun and games!

We're partying with the following authors to celebrate the release of their latest works THURSDAY, JULY 15th. There will be prizes - books and author prizes from TRS! Come out and meet some of our best and most talented authors:

Mari Carr

Ava McKnight

Jodi Redford

Christiane France

Mary Alice Pritchard

Deidre O'Dare

L.K. Below

Melissa Schroeder

Laura Tolomei

Tory Richards

Kate Hill

Vivian Arend

Louisa Bacio

Nicole North

Kayelle Allen

Maddie James

Leah Braemel

Mary Winter

Mary Eason

PG Forte

Rhian Cahill

Tianna Xander

Carolina Valdez

Sierra Dafoe

Selena Blake

The Party beging at 10 AM EST to 7 PM EST on 7/15/10! Don't miss it!

All the best...

Mary Eason


Thank you!

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