Monday, February 01, 2010

Shadow Games is here!

I'm so very pleased to announce that Shadow Games is now available through Champagne Books. 

He was the love of her life. The father of her child. Now he was missing. Presumed dead behind enemy lines.

Rachel Weiss thought she’d dealt with her feelings for Booth when she left the shadowy world as a CIA operative behind three years earlier after discovering her love affair with Booth had produced more than a broken heart. She was pregnant with his child. Rachel walked away from the CIA and Booth who let her go without a fight further proof that her decision was for the best. If Booth truly cared about her, wouldn’t he have at least tried to convince her to stay?

Three years later, Rachel settled into a new, far more stable career as Assistant US Ambassador to Israel, happily raising her two-year old daughter Ava.

When someone text messages Rachel asking if she knows where Booth Tanner is, she is unwillingly plunged back into the murky world of espionage.

All the best...

Mary Eason

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