Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Time for holiday cheer! I'm just finishing up a book titled Highland Hellcat, that will release next fall and now I'm ready to begin baking...You know what I mean, with butter and more butter and lots, lots of sugar! It makes the house smell so good. When I look back, it's not the presents I recall so much as the gingerbread houses that I made with my mother and the fruitcake that we baked together. Now with my own family, we are laughing about mishaps from last year...okay, maybe the parrot got onto the kitchen counter and looked like Godzilla while he nibbled on the top of a ginger bread house...maybe, but I can't admit that without my mother fixing me with...'The look'...so, please drop by my website for excerpts...MaryWine.com...and my more erotic...DawnRyder.com....and enjoy the season!

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Dawn Ryder
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Stephanie said...

Oh I bet pictures of your parrot would've been a great hit for Christmas cards!! Thanks for sharing such a terrific memory with us.


Colleen said...

I had a parrot for many years... he was my best friend for years... he was even a guard dog... such memories...
Happy Holidays

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Dawn Ryder--Mary Wine said...

This little parrot is my husbands 'baby'...runs the house!

I guess the scent of all the sugar was too much and he fluttered off my hubby's shoulder and grabbed onto the top of the house...we all stood around laughing...washing him off was a little interesting!