Saturday, November 21, 2009

Warning...this one is going to be sappy!

Okay, I should warn you, I'm about to wax sappy. But it's nothing new. This happens to me every year at this time.
I start thinking about past Thanksgivings and naturally I remember those special ones from when I was a kid, with all the family gathered around. Then I start thinking about all those loved ones who have blessed my life so much and how much I miss them.
I know, can someone hand me a hanky please!

Okay, here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving memories, (minus the tears).
1:  My mom getting up early to prepare the Thanksgiving meal. Back then, everything was from scratch and I mean everything, including the whipped cream. I still miss my mom's cornbread dressing. Try and I might, I just can't get it the way she made it.
2:  Seeing relatives together around the table. Sure, we were not the perfect family, but at Thanksgiving, everyone got along.
3:  Watching football with my dad. 
4:  Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with my mom.
5:  Thanking God for all that we had. Mind you, we were poor as church mice, but we had food on the table and our health. I don't think anyone can ask for more.
6:  A Child's wonder at the upcoing promise of Christmas magic.

Okay, enough of the mush. I just wanted to share a few of my precious memories that are gone for now until I see my loved ones again in Heaven.
This year, with one grandduaghter here and another on the way, well, maybe I'll take my mom's place and we'll start making some new 'precious memories' today.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with whomever you choose to spend it with. But please, don't forget to give thanks for what you have! And remember our soldiers and their families in your prayers today and always.

All the best...

Mary Eason  

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