Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How do you like your Western?

Don't you just love a good western romance where the hero always gets his woman no matter what.
But how do you like your western? Do you prefer the old west or modern times. You ask, "what are you talking about Mary?"
Did you know some westerns are actually set in contemporary times? It's true.Take for instance, The Rebel Rancher, my upcoming December Whiskey Creek Press release. It's set in a make believe town near Austin, Texas and my hero, well he's all alpha male.Alec Standing is a good man and a best friend. He’s been with his best friend and cousin, Drake through so many things including his love life. Alec thought he knew his cousin well yet he never knew how ruthless he could be. Hearing his new plan is just wrong in every way. Drake is an ambitious man and wants nothing more than to be governor for Standing, TX. His job was just to go and take their guest, Grace Redmond to her hotel and nothing more. He never expected though to fall in love at first sight. This is just uncalled for and not like him. Grace is definitely not his kind of woman but each time he sees her with his cousin, Drake the green bug arises. Can he a simple rancher actually fall in love with a woman? Especially one who has never been to Texas before or knows about ranching?Grace Redmond just lost everything she held dear and loved in her life. Her parent’s were the one thing that kept her safe and cherished. Now that they are gone she has no idea how she will survive. So it comes as a surprise that Drake needs her in Texas. Not only is it strange, but it’s weird that this will be the first time she will be in Texas. She has always had a small crush on Drake but something about Alec ignites her passion. One kiss from Alec and she is wondering why she feels like she cheated on Drake when nothing has happened. Can love on first sight happen for real? Or it just wishful thinking on her part that she wants to be loved and cherished again by someone?Okay - Mary Eason is now one of my highly recommended authors. Every storyline she creates has a way of pulling you into the story and you don’t want it to end. Great job again Mary and keep up the great work.
I fell in love with Grace for her courage and determination to prove that she can make it no matter what the situation is at the time. This woman just lost her parents and here she is in a new territory not knowing what is going to happen to her. I loved the romance and attraction between Grace and Alec. It was funny to see his reaction to finding out about love.--Melinda - NOR ReviewHope you'll look for The Rebel Rancher the December and enjoy the western romance as much as I enjoyed creating it.All the best.Mary Eason

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