Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's Fate!

What happens when a split-second decisions, turns into a chance meeting that leads to a love of a lifetime? We call it fate.
Have you ever met someone who you just knew was going to change your life forever. I have. For me it was meeting my husband. For Emma Dupre it was almost being run over by Kyle Sabian in my September release from Whiskey Creek Press entitled, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.
In a moment in time, Emma Dupre’s life changed forever by a chance encounter with a stranger on a cold deserted night. Emma reached out to Kyle Sabian for comfort when the loss of her best friend became impossible to bear alone. Kyle Sabian wasn’t expecting to meet the woman of his dreams that night in Expect, Colorado. But when he runs into Emma on the deserted mountain road leading to his home, Emma becomes a fantasy no other woman could ever hope to touch.
So, you see, you never know who you're going to meet out there or where you might find, the love of a lifetime.
If you don't have yours, keep your eyes open, their coming!
All the best...
Mary Eason

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