Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I hate letting go....

I hate letting go...of a good romance, I mean. I'm a sucker for a good story that has me hanging on to the last page to find out if the hero and heroine will end up together. This is especially true for romantic suspense. With danger and intrigue around every corner, you just never know what might happen.
As a writer, letting go of some of the characters and their love stories is even harder than others because they just become part of me, almost like family.
For instance, In Don’t Close Your Eyes, my first release from Cerridwen Press, I absolutely fell in love with Megan and Jack. I loved everything about there romance, including the fact that they’d lost each other for a while but in the end they discovered how much they still loved each other. There’s just something about lost lovers finding each other that gets to me.
Here's the blurb:
Megan Beaumont's psychic powers allow her to witness the unimaginable pain inflicted by the Angel of Death serial killer on his victims, and it almost costs Megan her life when she becomes the Angel's final victim.Now, six years later, FBI Agent Jack Montgomery has no idea his love affair with Megan resulted in a child, until a killer copying the Angel of Death's MO resurfaces and he turns to the one woman he never stopped loving for help.
The same was true in my most recent romantic suspense novel coming soon to Cerridwen Press entitled, Root of All Evil. In this story, Anna Sorensen is running away from her past and John Delaney by trying to rewrite it.
Here's the blurb:
Burdened with guilt and sorrow, fearing for her life…her sanity, Anna Sorenson walked from everything to gain redemption. A year earlier, Anna buried her husband Aaron. A week later, she lost the child she’d longed for. Anna’s only thought was to put the tragedy of the past behind her and find a way to survive in a post-Aaron world. But the evil she escaped is hunting her down.Agent John Delaney buried more than just his partner that rainy day one year earlier. He’d shoved aside his feelings, ignored the wrong he and Aaron did in the name of justice, and hoped the past would stay dead. It didn’t. With Aaron’s death, and the arrest of his killer, the Bureau considered the case solved. No one had a clue the wrong man confessed to the killings. Until the real killer returned to claim his glory—his next victim, Anna.Now he’s after the woman John still loves and he must choose between keeping his partner’s secrets and losing Anna again. This time forever.
And then there's the stories where the heroine and hero just can't seem to overcome the obsticles that stand in their way. This is the case in Worth Staying For when Jordan Scott isn't sure who to trust when the man she thought she knew so well turns out to be a cold-blooded killer.
Here's the blurb:
Dr. Jordan Scott is banking everything, including her life on finding out the truth behind her brother’s murder, but she has no idea it will lead her straight to the man she trusted with everything. Can Jordan learn to trust again? And is Riley Donavan worth staying for?Detective Riley Donavan has seen enough to know that Dr. Jordan Scott is telling the truth, in spite of what his partner believes. But then, he doesn’t exactly trust his instincts any longer where Jordan is concerned. He’s already committed two major sins when it comes to protecting a witness. He’s gotten emotionally involved, and he’s found himself falling for his start witness.
So you see, books can become part of you -- like family. And just like family, you love them, hate them, you argue with them…but still you hate to let them go.All the best…Mary Eason of all Evil – Coming soon to Cerridwen PressWorth Staying For – Coming July 14 to Linden Bay Romance

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