Saturday, April 11, 2009

What's in a cover...

I don't know what it is about getting a new cover that just perks you up and makes you realize, hey, I really do have a new book coming out.

This week, I received the cover from Cerridwen Press for my upcoming release, ROOT OF ALL EVIL, (no release date yet, but I'll keep you posted).

So, of course, I'm posting it here. I love it!
Here's a little snippet of the blurb:
Anna Sorenson walked from everything to gain redemption. But she didn’t leave the past behind and even in paradise evil still existed. A year earlier, Anna Sorenson buried her husband Aaron. A week later, she lost the child she’d longed for. Anna’s only thought was to put the tragedy of the past behind her and find a way to survive in a post-Aaron world.
Agent John Delaney buried more than just his partner that rainy day one year earlier. He’d shoved aside his feelings, ignored the wrong he and Aaron had done in the name of justice, and hoped the past would stay dead. It hadn’t. It had gone after the woman he still loved and now John must choose between keeping his partner’s secrets and losing Anna again. This time forever.

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