Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Party starts Monday, February 25!

To celebrate the release of Survivor on Tuesday, February 26, I've asked several of my fellow Samhain Publishing Authors to join me over at the Samhain Cafe to promote our books.

Please join Kate Davies, Mary Eason Ally Blue, and Xakara and others as wel celebrate the release of our latest books through Samhain Publishing

Here's a little sneak peek at Survivor:
The biggest challenge to Grace’s self-imposed celibacy? Love.
As a little girl, Grace Caldwell watched her father walk out on her mother as she struggled through the final stages of breast cancer. Grace, knowing the odds that she could suffer her mother’s fate, resolves to never to let any man close enough to hurt her that way.
Her new boss, Aaron Severn, isn’t hard to figure out—his reputation with women is legendary. She’s confident it won’t be hard for her to resist his charm. To her surprise, Aaron seems sensitive and caring, the kind of man who will be there for her, no matter what. Despite her vow of self-imposed celibacy, Grace finds herself allowing their friendship to grow deeper.
When her worst nightmare becomes reality, Grace’s past fear rears its ugly head, driving her to push him away. But Aaron’s not the kind of man to give up on Grace’s love—or her life—without a fight.
All the best...
Mary Eason
Survivor - Available February 26 at Samhain Publishing
Thirty Lessons - Available at Samhain Publishing
The Things You Think You Want - Available at Samhain Publishing

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