Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Creepy Halloween Bash!!!

Okay, its time to have some creepy fun....and give some stuff away.

Everyone up for it? Great! Here's what we're going to do.

Starting now, and running through Halloween day, I want everyone to post their scariest, creepiest, funniest Halloween stories here on my blog, just add it as a comment. Don't worry, I'll check each day for comments so no one will be left out.

Then on October 31, I'll announce a winner here.

So, what's the prize? Well, you get to decide. In addtion to a paperback copy of my latest release through WCP entitled Fairy Tales, you can tell me what you'd like to receive as a gift from a selection of items that I'll announce later on.

So, you ready? Get thinking about those stories and make them good. There's a lot at stake here...hee hee.

Here's a sneak peak at Fairy Tales:

Maggie Malone might not believe in all that fairy tale stuff but meeting Jackson Riley certainly made her a believer in love, (okay--so maybe it was lust) at first sight. Unfortunately that little reality check hit her like a ton of bricks and had just the opposite affect on Maggie than it would any other red-blooded twenty-five year old woman. Everything that she believed she wanted in life--all of her well thought out future plans were in some serious jeopardy right about now. Jackson Riley had to be just about the hottest thing around and Maggie, well she was in way over her head with him.

The problem? Well it was clear to Jackson Riley what the problem was. It was five foot two, blond hair, green eyes with the biggest ‘get lost’ attitude he’d ever ran across--Maggie Malone. The solution? What usually worked with most women that got under his skin? Normally the second they opened their mouths he lost interest. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working with Maggie Malone. Everything Jackson found out about her only made him that much more interested in her and spelled nothing but trouble for his weekly schedule of dating Austin’s most beautiful women. For the chance to get to know the real Maggie Malone beyond her tough girl act, Jackson was willing to give up more than just one night a week. Maggie could have all seven if she liked.


Anonymous said...

Mine's a funny one. Growing up all the kids in my brothers and my schools eagerly looked forward to our Halloween parties. My Dad loved Halloween and each year he would add a new attraction. We had a House of Horrors, a witches banquet with eyeballs, brains, and other assorted witchy items to eat, disembodied heads floating all over the property, scary music, the whole nine yards. One year my dad bought a casket from a casket company that was going out of business and had set it up in the garage. Inside the casket was Dear Departed Joe. A dummy that my dad had lovingly crafted. It was very realistic with a mask created from a mold of my dad's best friend's face. Now we had messed with this dummy all night, and being sophomores and juniors in high school some of the stuff we had done to it wasn't very nice. At midnight my Dad held a seance to get in touch with Joe. So we are all standing around giggling and cracking jokes and my dad begins to tell us the story of how Joe was a mass murder who liked to eat his victims and that if we were scared we should leave now. Of course we all just sniggered at him and told him to go on. He dims the lights even more and lights this big old candleabra and starts the seance. Midway through the dummy sits up and pulls my Dad in the coffin and blood starts pouring out of my Dad's neck, he then collapses to the ground. The "dummy" then gets out of the casket and starts chasing all of us kids around yelling about all the stuff we had been doing to him, disturbing his rest etc. Let me tell you I didn't even know I could run that fast! After about 20 minutes of this my Dad comes out and rounds up the 50 of us that are still in hiding and convinces us to come back inside. ROFL Apparently he had set up a video camera and had been taping everything that we were doing to poor "JOE", Gary, his best friend had been hiding in my parent's bedroom, (the only room off limits at the parties) the entire time watching it. Then when we all went out to the bonfire for ghost stories he had taken the place of "Joe". Since the mask was based on his face all he had to do was put a little makeup on and we couldn't tell the difference in the dim lighting. The next year attendance at our party jumped from 65 kids to 130 kids and adults. All just to see what my Dad would pull off next.

Jaycee said...

OK mine is wacky. Back in my hometown there was a Haunted house at a local realty office. My friends mom worked there so my Junior year a bunch of us decided to volunteer. All girls mind you. So what our job was, was to lead groups of say 8-10 people thru the tour, into diffrent rooms of the office that were all decorated. One had the ole bowls full of "worms""Brain" etc. and so on. Another room had a full size faux coffin and a "vampire" jumped out as we cracked the door and would grab us tour guides by the arm to "scare us" and drag us into the room, the tourers were outside so they only saw about half the room which was actually the break room since there were vending machines etc on the other half of the room,then we would slam the top back down, all the people working in the actual rooms were done up in Make up by a pro so they were unrecognizable totally. And us tour guides were in little costumes witches etc nothing make up wise so we would not scare the littler kids that went thru (they went to a seprate part of the house). So I am on my 6 or 7th tour and they have us take the groups around in reveser dirrection so that all the "monsters" can have a pee break etc and change shifts whatever. So I get my 1st group after the break to the vampire room open the door a crack an the vampire grabs my boob and trys to kiss me! I just reacted and punched him in the face. I hear "Ouch Jaycee it's me f*ck" I am dumbfounded an my friend hearing the comotion comes an takes my tour with hers on laughing, I turn the main light to the room on and low an behold it is Josh (then BF now hubby LOL) he had gotten out of work early and come to volunteer to see me as a surprise! I felt so bad gave him a black eye, so each year at Halloween he reminds me of this over and over to get the 'ween nooky LOL

Kimberly B. said...

I have another funny story (although maybe it's only funny to me). When I was in college, I decided to dress up as "Flasher Smurf" for Halloween. I bought a leotard, tights, and gloves, all of which I dyed blue (because they didn't come in the color I wanted or match), I got a cheap yellow wig and a white hat, blue lipstick, and blue face paint. I had a trenchcoat I wore over the ensemble and, for school, I added a pair of blue shorts. Well, I wore this costume to class, which happened to be a British history class, and I got chuckles and comments from many of my fellow students. The professor, however, didn't seem to notice. He lectured for about forty five minutes, then finally blinked at me and said "I see we have a Pict in our midst!" (Note: the Picts were an ancient British people who are said to have painted themselves blue). I wasn't surprised at his comment, but by the fact that he could go through almost an entire class without noticing his student was blue!

Cathy said...

My truly pathetic Halloween story was my first and only party. We went all out with food and decorations, rented a club house at our apartment, and invited 50 family and friends from work (who all did RSVP !!!)...and 4 people showed up. My mom, dad and 2 sisters. It's like one of those toilet paper in the pantyhose kind of moments, totally memorable for all the wrong reasons.