Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let the Scavenger Hunt Begin

Ready for some fun?

Okay, here we go. The official Don't Close Your Eyes release day Scavenger Hunt has begun.
Because this may be a bit more challenging, I'm exending the deadline to enter until September 30th.

Answer these 10 questions below and send me a email at with the correct answers and you are entered. I'll announce the winner here on September 30th.

To find the answers, go back through the excerpt posts of the book. I started them on August 20th. You'll find all the answers from the August 20th through the August 29 post.

The winner can select from any of the following gift certificates.
AmazonBarnes & NobleBorders
Chocolate Fantasies
Cerridwen Press
Victoria's Secret

Here are the questions:
1: What is Megan's Dog's name.
2: What type of weapon does Jack draw on the Angel.
3: Who is the real Angel of Death.
4: What is Jack's boss's name.
5: Where do Jack and Megan find the first alive victim of the Angel.
6: Where is Joy found.
7: What is Megan's daughter's name.
8: What Bible scripture is found on the Angel's Victims.
9: What FBI branch does Jack work for in D.C.
10: Where does Megan live.

All the best...


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