Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 7: Jack Montgomery's Return...

Sitting in the dark, in her favorite chair, somehow, she must have drifted off for a moment. She was awakened to the sound of a door closing softly somewhere within the house.
“Emmie,” Megan whispered into the darkness only to have someone’s hand cover her mouth forcing the breath from her body.
Oh God—Emmie! Her thoughts were all for her daughter sleeping close by. Megan struggled to free herself from her attacker, her fingers searching frantically beneath the cushion of the chair.
Working for the Bureau taught her to expect the unexpected. She’d expected this moment for years. But only she knew about the gun. Her fingers had just wrapped around its grip when suddenly her assailant realized what she intended to do.
“I wouldn’t, Megan. I really wouldn’t.” His familiar voice slipped out of her fantasies, coming back to her from the past she’d tried so hard to leave behind—along with the Angel
Jack! Jack Montgomery was here!

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