Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh my gosh!!! I love my new cover!!!

It feels weird...I really does. Just seeing my Hero and Heroine in the flesh so to speak, its just...weird. I've had several books published with various different covers, but I've never had one with my two main characters out there for the world to see. I love it. I love them. They're perfect examples of Jack and Megan.

Don't Close Your Eyes is a romantic suspense that will be coming out through Cerridwen Press, August 30, 2007. I hope you'll keep an eye out for it. I'm very proud of this book. It is my first published RS and I have to tell you I love the story. I love the characters. And I love the ending.

So how about a little teaser?

Megan Beaumont’s psychic powers allowed her to witness the unimaginable pain inflicted by the Angel of Death serial killer on his victims and almost cost Megan her life when she became the Angel’s final victim. Megan thought she’d left the dark side of life behind when she walked away from a promising career at the FBI using her psychic powers when someone close to the case leaked key information to the press. The ensuing media frenzy that followed brought to light the affair between the then-married agent in charge of the case, Jack Montgomery, and his subordinate Megan, forcing Jack to choose between the Bureau and Megan. Jack chose the Bureau thinking he was doing what was best for everyone involved.

The disastrous way the infamous Angel of Death’s serial killer case ended cast a shadow of suspicion over the FBI’s once brilliant CASMIRC, Child Abduction, and Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center’s Division headquartered in D.C. and caused serious questions to arise about CASMIRC’s competency in handling the Angel case. Why had it taken so many victims to bring the killer, Eddie Stephens to justice when Eddie had been right under their noses all along? Then there was the matter of how Eddie had been able to kidnap Megan, one of the FBI’s own and almost make her his final victim.

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