Thursday, August 31, 2006

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Now Available - Two brand new releases from Mary Eason
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Mary Eason's That's What Friends Are For is a poignant and gut-wrenching love story that will claim your attention and keep it until the very last page.

Available September 2006
Whiskey Creek Press

When her husband is killed in the car accident that he is responsible for, Sophie McGraw finds herself all alone in a city that can defeat even the strongest of people. The one person who reaches out to help her by offering her both a job and a place to live is her husband’s best friend Erik Sebastian.

Even as Erik tries to convince himself that his only interest in the widow of his best friend Kevin is one of loyalty, that she is strictly “off limits”, he knows that what he feels for Sophie is much stronger than the friendship he believes she wants from him. There is a chemistry that ignites between them that cannot be denied.

But the closer Erik gets to Sophie the more he realizes that her marriage to Kevin was anything but perfect, as she would have him believe. The truth is nothing about Sophie McGraw is remotely as it seems.

Also Available in September 2006
Wings e-Press
On a cold deserted mountain pass, outside of Redemption, Colorado, Devon McCallister’s life is about to change forever on a single night when he is witness to the passing of a life into eternity and the beginning of what will become the love of a lifetime.

Chloe Strickland believes her life is over the night that she and her husband Kyle are caught in a freak snowstorm that sends their tiny car over the steep mountainside and ends Kyle’s life. Accepting Kyle’s death and coming to grips with why her life is spared is almost impossible for her to do. Discovering she is pregnant just might be the miracle Chloe needs to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Devon McCallister only wanted to put the whole miserable day spent with his father behind him when he ends up taking that shortcut home late one night and finds himself a reluctant guardian angel. Kyle Strickland's dying wish is that Devon take care of his wife, Chloe. Devon doesn’t realize keeping that promise will change his life forever. He's a screw up after all. He isn't use to caring for anyone else. That night changes everything for him. The old selfish Devon dies up there on Redemption Mountain along side Kyle.

Convincing Chloe to accept his help is harder than Devon can imagine but worth all the effort it costs him when she finally trusts him enough to accept his friendship. The closer he gets to Chloe, the stronger his feelings for her become. It’s easy for Devon to see that she isn’t like any other woman he has ever met before. Chloe doesn’t want anything from him. She only wants his friendship.

Devon is her friend. He is there with her through all the important moments of Chloe’s life. Surviving Kyle’s death, the pregnancy and birth of her daughter Emma. Through it all Chloe knows that what she feels for Devon is far stronger than friendship. But is it possible to find love twice in a lifetime? And if so can she let go of her own guilt she feels over the past and accept this gift of love again?

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