Sunday, November 06, 2005

Reflecting on rejection...

Today I had the chance to see the pain of rejection from another author's prospective. And it got me to thinking about how difficult it is at times to keep going as a writer. We've all been there. You send your precious baby off with such high hopes. You wait. Each day when it gets close to what you suspect will be the time of reckoning , you go to the mailbox with anticipation and trepidation. If you're lucky its a bill. If you're really lucky a request. And then comes the rejection. It sends you back at least ten steps for every single one you've fought hard to gain . There's anger, hurt, tears. Frustration. Loss of confidence. Thoughts of giving up even. But then you think about it and wonder, can anything else I do really fill me up like this?

If you're in it for good, the answer is no. No matter how long it takes. No matter if it never happens. The answer is no, because you can't give it up. It's just as much apart of you and the next breath you take.

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