Thursday, November 24, 2005


High up on the mountain, the snow was falling harder. Strong gusts of wind, drove the flakes in first one direction and then another. The fierceness of the storm made it impossible to see or hear a single thing. Trees shivered against the cold wind, branches trembled.
And then there was a silence like none other. Like the silence before some life altering event. Even the angels were silent, waiting.
Every living thing waited for this moment.
The small compact car skidded on the frozen, two-lane mountain road.
Its driver hit the breaks, sending the car spinning out of control. Once, then twice, before plunging headfirst down the steep side of mountain.
The driver was too stunned to do anything more than glance at the girl by his side, as the end became apparent.
A group of aspen trees, half way down the mountain, was the only thing preventing the tiny car from finishing its downward slide into eternity.
And then there was silence again...and death, and the sound of angel wings.
The young man was the first to regain consciousness, his eyes searching the darkness for the girl at his side. His wife. She was not moving and he could not reach her. He could no longer feel his body.
Do not be afraid. Everything will be okay. She will be okay without you.
The comforting words came to him from close by. Part of his thoughts and he struggled to open his eyes. A faint shimmering image floated nearby, touching his hand. He could feel his hand. Feel the touch. It was real, after all. There really was such a thing as eternity, and angels. This unearthly being sent here to take him home was proof of all those things. He believed.
She will be okay without you. You no longer have to worry about her. Someone is coming to be with her. It is okay to let go of this life.
The young man felt tears, hot and damp against his cheek, but he was no longer afraid. The voice was guiding him, leading him home. Reassuring him, that even though he had to say goodbye to her, she was going to be all right. Chloe would be all right.
A shadow of a smile touched his lips, as the image before him grew brighter, the brilliance of it, literally filling the mountainside. Glowing with so much warmth and welcoming. Arms outstretched just for him. He was going home and it was okay. She was going to make it. That was all that mattered. He was going home, and Chloe would be okay.

Believe - a short story taken from the novel by Mary Eason - Standing on the Edge of Goodbye to be released through Wings e-Press, 2007

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