Friday, May 06, 2005

Keeing the Faith in Writing. Ever wonder how hard is it?
Keeping the Faith -- The Difficulty of Keeping the Faith in the Romance Industry
By Mary Eason
In the past three years, Inspirational Fiction has literally taken off. Walk into any bookstore and you’ll no doubt see a variety of Inspirational Fiction ranging from tender romances, to suspense, to chick lit and even science fiction. Every type of genre imaginable has now been claimed by the Inspirational writer.
In two recent articles concerning the Inspirational chick lit phenomenon, one by USA TODAY writer, Deirdre Donahue in an article entitled- Publishers put their faith in churchified 'chick lit' Donahue talked about Steeple Hill Café, the new imprint from Harlequin that will offer "smart, hip editorial that features faith and humor," says Harlequin senior editor Joan Marlow Golan. "It presents real-life situations that modern women of faith face without sacrificing strong morals and values: How do I live an authentic contemporary Christian life?"
Christian writing is a growth area in publishing. "Sales of Christian fiction have doubled in the last 10 years," says Golan. According to the CBA (Christian Booksellers Association), sales of Christian books are up 6.8% from 2002.
Secular and religious publishers are adding a Christian twist to the genre of young women's fiction called "chick lit." Publishers Weekly dubbed it "Bridget Jones goes to church."
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